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Check-in  & keep visitors & staff safe!

Once your staff and customers sign into the app via secure code you provide, they will be automatically checked in and out of your property, it’s that simple.

Our Mission

Check in & keep yourself, staff and customers safe! We believe in that our service and the technology we have developed will help you protect yourself and serve your customers and staff in a responsible, safe and easy manner. During this difficult time we want to help you concentrate on running your business, stay open and get back to profitability, let us look after your new responsibilities, its our expertise. 

Who We Are

We are an Irish company established in 2017. We know how to safely and securely help you interact with each other. We have employed, for over 4 years, the virtual networking technology we have developed to keep our users safe. With the onset of Covid we have repurposed our technology and used our expertise to help keep us all a little bit safer as we get back to meeting our friends, family and colleagues. Together we can do this and we in are part of that too! 

Environmental Pledge

In want to try to do our bit to help with climate change. If we can help to reduce our dependence on paper and further reduce our carbon footprint then we have ‘done our bit’ we think! But we can do more. Our technology allows us to do more virtually and digitally to help your business reduce paper usage and automate a lot of your processes. Work with us to see what we can do together and hopefully we can help lead to a greener future.

Save time signing people in at the door.


What is is an app to help us get back to meet our friends and families safely and securely. 

What exactly does it do?

Instead of giving your details to someone every time you go out to a restaurant, hotel, pub etc. will share the information with the restaurant, hotel, pub etc. automatically, but you control what information you share.

Is it safe?

Yes much more safe than your details being printed on a sheet of paper. Your details are secure on Microsofts Azure Web Service and you are protected under GDPR guidelines

Will I be tracked everywhere?

No only when you choose to be tracked. You control it all!

Can I download the app and how much is it?

The good news is it is free for you to download the app and it is supported on all smart devices, Android and iOS.

Welcome to is a wholly owned Irish company under iBusinessCard Ltd, established in 2017. At we want to help you keep yourself, your staff and customers safe. You control it all! We will help you, quickly and easily, Track and Trace your staff and customers. This all happens automatically with our unique in house technology development. Once your staff and customers sign in, you will be automatically checked in and out, it’s that simple. No more wasting paper and filling it away. Its safer and more secure for your customers making you immediately GDPR compliant. Free up your employees so they can take care of your customers and your business.

Android Users

If you use an Android device you can download the app from the playstore here.

iOS Users

If you use an Apple iOS device you can download the app from the app store here.

Be Accountable

If there is an outbreak of Covid-19 on-site on a particual day thanks to TTAPPIE we can make sure everyone who was on site can be notified.

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